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👌 Xiaomi ROIDMI F8E Vacuum Cleaner
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Original Roidmi F8E Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18500Pa with Magnet Stand Charger App Control from Xiaomi Youpin


* The lightweight brushless motor provides long-lasting and powerful power for the vacuum cleaner, ensuring long-term stable operation of the vacuum cleaner.

* Cyclone dust suction duct to effectively remove dust and particles from the ground. With multi-layer noise reduction design, the noise is as low as 75dB (A), making it more comfortable to use.

* High-powered power supply, charging only 2.5 hours, safe and durable performance, 40min battery life, deep cleaning of the home.

* The optimized air duct structure design will not cause the filter plug to block, avoid suction loss, and bring longer strong suction.

* The multi-layer filtration system effectively filters dust and particles, maintains long-term suction, effectively discharges clean air, avoids secondary pollution, and creates a clean and healthy home environment for you.

17000Pa Vacuum Degree

40min Battery Life

80000rpm DC Digital Brushless Motor